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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much is a portrait session?
A: Portrait, Family and Couple Sessions start at $825 a session for 2017. Newborn Session start at $950 which include your immediate family members with plenty of extra time for breaks,naps and feeding.  Sessions include a collection of high res files with written authorization for personal use only. (no commercial use of images).

Q: Where are you located?
A: I am a Brooklyn based photographer. While I call New York City my home,I grew up in Massachusetts and frequently travel to Cape Cod and other surrounding areas for both work and play. Feel free to contact me regarding my travel schedule to see if I am headed to your area.

Q: Why are your retainer fees Non-Refundable?

A: When you book a portrait session a 50% a non-refundable retainer fee reserves my photography services for a specific date and time. In turn, I will commit to providing my services exclusively to you for that scheduled session. As a wedding and family photographer, I have limited weekend days available with which to offer my services, and if a client cancels then this is income and booking prospects lost—two opportunities that I most likely won’t be able to recoup.



Q: How much time should we plan for a Family/Kids/Portrait Session?
A: Kids and Family Sessions on average last about 1.5 hours, but each shoot has a number of variables that can make it go shorter or longer. (We may need a few minutes to work out the logistics/warm up…or we might be slowed down by changing weather, traffic, light, baby meltdowns,…you know, real life stuff?). For newborns and little ones, I try to pick a time that is accommodating to feeding/napping schedules.  Newborn Sessions are 2-3 hours with plenty of time for feeding and naps.

Q: Do you have any wardrobe suggestions?
A:  There are no rules for wardrobe. As for myself, I photograph best when I am wearing something that I feel great and confident in wearing (for me that means something with great movement and colorful, but for others it can be something totally different). If you are uncomfortable, it will show in your photographs so be sure to choose outfits that you feel comfortable wearing. Your photo session shoul represent you at this time in your lives, so please don’t feel like you need to go all out with wardrobe unless that represents you as a couple or family.  For outside locations, we will be doing a bit of walking so just be sure to keep that in mind. I’d also suggest packing a pair of flats for walking around if you’d like to wear heels.

What to consider when thinking about your wardrobe is how your outfits look together as a family. You should choose colors and/or pattern/textures that compliment each other. You don’t need to be dressed the same but choose colors that go together. Green with blue. Blue with yellow. Violet with Red.  If someone wants to wear a print, consider that one of you should go with a solid color. It can be playful. You can also use monochromatic colors. Lighter and darker shades of a color mixed with some patterns is a way to mix it up but keeping it feeling connected.  Most importantly, just make sure you are all within the same realm of how dressy or casual you are. (i.e. a cocktail dress and heels & t-shirt/gym shorts is an extreme example of what not to mix). Make sure your clothes are wrinkle-free; avoid distracting graphics and outfits that are all one white or black. Lastly, you can always send me some pictures of outfits put together for some feedback! Here are a few links that go in depth about the color wheel and how to use it!    Styling 101 Color & Skin Tones Wardrobe & The Color Wheel



Q: When can we expect to see our photographs?
A: You can expect to review your images online within six weeks following your portrait session. The editing process takes the most amount of time, and it is of the utmost importance to me that your images look amazing. All photographs are enhanced, corrected and treated before they are uploaded to the Internet and delivered to you.

Q: We didn’t opt for an album when we booked. Can we still purchase an album?
A: Yes. Many of my clients choose to create their own albums or simply desire the high-resolution files—but I do offer albums as an optional service.

Q: Do you offer proof prints?
A: Yes. 4×6 Proof prints are available as a package add-on.



Q: How would you describe your style?
A: My photography style is a blend of journalistic moments with an editorial approach to portraiture. I look for beautiful backgrounds and give light direction to my subjects.  I prefer to capture authentic interaction rather than pose my clients. I do offer photojournalism exclusive family sessions as well!  I LOVE LOVE Day in Life sessions!  Check out a Day In Life Sessions here.

Q: Do you use  textures/ experimental color treatments?
A: No. I believe in using a style that is clean, vibrant and timeless. While I love black and white photographs and also enjoy experimenting with my camera, I do not add extreme textures or bold color treatments to my photographs. I have a handful of custom color and black and white presets that I apply to my images. What you see on my website are the images that have been delivered to my clients.



Q: Do you have backup equipment?
A: Yes, ALWAYS. I work with two Canon Professional cameras. I also utilize the highest quality lenses manufactured by Canon. Film is also available for custom packages if requested.

Q:  Do you have Photography Insurance?
A:Yes. I have both General Liability and Photographic Insurance coverage of $2,000,000 by Tom C. Pickard Insurance. If you venue requests proof of a certificate just let me know!

Q:Do you still photograph weddings?
A: Yes! But I am so lucky and excited to be represented by Amber Gress Photography for all wedding bookings. Feel free to reach out or fill out the contact form for additional details!