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October 27, 2014

Family Photo Session by New York City based photographer, Shannon Roddy

A Family Photo Session – Brooklyn Family Photographer

I think one of the biggest perks of being a Brooklyn family photographer is that there are so many wonderful families living right in my backyard.  (Figuratively speaking–  I wish I had a backyard, but I don’t have to travel far to find great clients or a park!) . I love documenting people in their home environments and exploring their neighborhoods as part of our family photo session.  I like to leave it open for clients to point us toward a place they frequent which  keeps our adventure meaningful and relevant to their story. I love finding a couple of locations in one’s locale and then staying there for a bit to let things unfold naturally. Erin, Erich and Xavi  and their best friend Vinny (woof) were great subjects and really let the process flow without stressing about where  or how they needed to be. It is in this type of environment that I feel I can capture  some of my best work to reveal  authenticity of a family.  They were exactly who they awesome family.  

Photographs from a Photography session with children's photographer, Shannon Roddy
Photographs from a Photography session with children’s photographer, Shannon Roddy

lifestyle family photography
lifestyle family photography