Chasing Light In Brooklyn – Fall In Home Session

January 7, 2019

A big part of my job as a family photographer is chasing a combination of children and light.

Two of my favorites wrapped into one bundle of loving chaos. One of the first things I tell photographers in my 1:1 mentor sessions is master patience and follow the light! Sounds pretty Zen huh? No seriously. So much of our job as family portrait photographers is wrangling children, keeping parents at ease and chasing light! New York City late fall can be especially tricky with chilly weather, shorter days and a limited window of time with a child during family portrait sessions.

I’ve been living in Brooklyn for 15 years and still get caught off guard with the way buildings can obscure your daylight in a matter of a few minutes. This family session turned out to be one of my favorites from the year. We started a little late with the game plan of going outside for half the shoot. It was crazy cold out, and the light wasn’t waiting for anyone, so we jumped right to an in-home session. Add one toddler and pup, you get three chasing adults!

Right as our light was about to be gone, we found our opportunity of stillness and cuddles for some beautiful portraits on the floor. (The imaginary purple dancing bear and butterfly winking in my lens for the win!) I always wonder who is more entertained by my foolery to get the shot, parent or child? I’m ok with both. Looking forward to another great year!