Day In Life Session – Martha’s Vineyard

May 4, 2015

I hold this session so close to my heart! This was my first 24 hours/ Day In Life session. I am so incredibly excited that my first family was totally open and felt I truly captured their connection, emotion, and love they share for each other. Matt and Christine immediately grasped the concept and saw the value in capturing a moment in their life.  Matt began the day with preparing breakfast and spending some time with the kids before he left for work. I spent the day with Christine and the kids, and we popped into the architectural firm where Matt works at for lunch. (Something they regularly do in addition to having dinner at the beach…after all it’s Martha’s Vineyard!)

Day in Life sessions are something I’ve been wanting to explore for a long time, and it is beyond exciting that it is becoming a reality. Unlike my portraits sessions, they are purely documentary. No posing. No direction. Just me with my cameras tagging along with a family on an ordinary day. The longer I am present, the more my camera is forgotten and something genuinely magical unfolds.  I arrive the night before the shoot with my trusty sleeping bag and hang out with the family the night before our shoot without my camera. Having the time to connect with the kids and parents before our day creates a natural progression to shooting the next day.

Day in Life documentation of a family living on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

I would love to capture more of my clients in this manner. True Story:  My dad was a photographer, and his constant documentation of everyday life are the photos I treasure the most. I recently started to archive his, and I can’t express how exciting it is to time travel through his photographs. He is a significant inspiration to me in exploring this work and pursuing photography. My dream is to be able to document a day in the life for my clients once a year and create a visual library for them to pass along to their children someday. Keep an eye for more of this work!


Shannon, really beautiful work! This family must be in awe of this treasure trove of visual gems. I’m sure this coffee table book and assorted art prints will be cherished for their lifetime and generations to come. Kudos!