finding your perfect brooklyn newborn photographer

Gorgeous early morning light set the tone for this Brooklyn Newborn Session. Most of my newborn sessions take place between 4-6 weeks. Some family photographers prefer the first two weeks as the optimal time to capture a newborn. In reality, the time to book a newborn session is subjective to the photography you desire.
Timing is one of the many things I discuss during my pre-booking consults to make sure we share the same vision.

If you want to capture your child in their newest, tiniest form, you should aim for the first two weeks. If you’d prefer to find your rhythm and catch your child more awake and alert, give yourself a couple of weeks. What I am trying to say is that there are no set rules. As a Brooklyn based family and children’s photographer, who has photographed a ton of newborns, I can assure you that the best way to find your photographer is to find the style of work you love.

Families living in New York City are lucky because it is bursting with talented photographers with lots of styles to explore. Lucky for you, the internet exists, and you can explore various photographers without leaving your home.

It can be challenging to explain what you want. Take note of what draws you in and what repels you! Do you like the vibrant bright images or moody light? Does photography at home speak to you, or perhaps you see yourself outside with your family? Pay attention to how families are in the frame, are they posed and looking to the camera? Maybe there is more of a mix of eye contact and interaction?

Are you looking for the sweet, styled baby in basket imagery or conceptual creations? Or do you desire something natural and more storytelling? Whatever it may be sure, a photographer’s portfolio reflects it! Once you have that narrowed down, I suggest connecting with the photographers who fit your budget so you can get a feel for their personality and discuss their process.