capturing natural newborn family photographs starts with trust

October 16, 2018

Trust and Honesty.

Creating stunning photographs is a process. As a professional photographer, it is my responsibility to guide and inform customers on what to expect and how to prepare. If a client is asking for something that is not my style and I know it, I prefer to be upfront and honest to manage expectations. I want my clients to LOVE their photographs and experience.

I feel it is important to be respectful of their investment. It is also an opportunity to build community in my local family photography market by referring them to a photographer who fits their vision. I have a list of Brooklyn and New York City family and baby photographers that I keep handy for this purpose. I want a family to love what ends up on their walls. Subtle. Hint.

Photographs shouldn’t just live on a device. Let your family be seen and reminded of their love and importance. Professionally printed photos will look better and maintain quality longer too.

When your clients trust you as an expert, they can be present and enjoy the experience. Guess what happens when people are comfortable and enjoy the experience? They relax, laugh and smile (not the forced clenched cheeeese smile), and that is where the magic happens.

I am fortunate to be supported by a talented circle of family photographers here in Brooklyn, NY. There is a thriving community of newborn and family photographers who are not only a source of inspiration but a supportive network to share and learn together. So naturally when Ana asked me if I would photograph her family. I was like, heck yeah!

So our session day arrives, and it is beyond total gloomy grey and wet spring day. It rained all day, and their light-filled airy loft was nothing short ultra dark. Rainy low light days will undoubtedly add a few hurdles to a session; this is where a client’s trust comes into play. Luckily, I had the confidence of Ana and her husband which allowed for us to create these beautiful photos! While I set up and tested some light magic, they calmly embraced some extra baby cuddles time! Win-Win!