Newborn Photography – Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights gained another Super Hero fan this fall!

Before each family photo session, we schedule a consult call. During our call, we go over my process, and my favorite part is learning about a client’s family. Their personalities, routines, quirks, and current interests give me insight into engaging and documenting them during our session.
On the day of our photoshoot, I arrive prepared with insider tips to make the session feel casual and fun. I know who is camera shy and who might need a little extra help to be at ease. There is always room left for surprise and spontaneity.

While I am shooting, we will play, laugh, and perhaps even a meltdown will happen. (usually me. kidding.) I am the middle child sandwiched between two hyperactive siblings; patience is my middle name.
But seriously. I get it. Guess what? It is all good! I understand that life has just handed a massive change to your household, and the transition can be bumpy for everyone. (pets included) I remind clients that I am aware that everyone is adjusting, and we are doing great. If anyone needs a break, take it. Most importantly. Have fun, cuddle, and enjoy this amazing life you created.