Prospect Lefferts Gardens – Family Session

June 13, 2019

Back in April Cornell and his family came thru my Brooklyn neighborhood, Prospect Lefferts Gardens so we could do a shoot together. They made an NYC pitstop on their way to Connecticut to kick off a big family weekend. Cornell is a family photographer based in North Carolina. Cornell and I connected while attending an incredible family photography workshop, The Family Narrative. (If you are a family photographer who is all about community and creating work from the heart – you should check it out. Spoiler Alert – Next Years is already sold out, but you should get on their list and follow the community!) Cornell and I had the privilege of having our websites critiqued by talented Brand Strategist, Nick North. (check him out too!) I had a front seat to learn about Cornells photography journey, review his stunning work and to learn about his family. It was such a treat to capture their love, joy, and connection together without Cornell’s trusty tripod and self-timer. Happy Birthday first year to Willa!